December 5, 2017

5 last minute Gifts for her

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okay, so the unapologetic mom confession of the day…. I am usually done Christmas shopping by the first week of December. Well this year, I completely slacked & am not.. actually if I’m being honest.. it may or may not be the 2nd year in a row. haha

Please tell me I’m not alone?

So I figured why not put a list of last minute shopping gift ideas for her or you! haha.
Now I am all about supporting small businesses. I may be biased because I am a small business owner.  Honestly, It comes down to I love to support others & their dreams. I always will check if there is someone i can support before shopping at my favorites stores Target & amazon. I think asa small business owner Ive become more intentional about it.

It’s sort of a two in one deal.

I thought why not share it with you unapologetic moms & Dads  who maybe slacked on gifts & are looking for some last minute gift ideas.

If you have a SO who loves to cook or cooks daily… Moms or Dads These  beautiful  silicone spatulas are a must in the kitchen! I use mine daily! I actually ordered a few as Christmas gifts. Shipping was quick both on amazon its two day shipping if your prime. I also ordered on their website & experience fast shipping. I think 3 days!

These can be a great stocking stuffer or a sweet thoughtful gift.

& If I do say so my self they were created by some awesome people! We are blessed to know them personally.

click here Also available on amazon!

Does your SO or friend love to cook? bake? have kiddos? IF you answered Yes to all above then I have a  wonderful

gift idea! haha

I recently came across this blog & the blogger through a podcast… her story really touched my heart & I knew I wanted to not only follow her but support her. She has these awesome little kits for kiddos & parents to cook it includes recipes & add ons for siblings! I placed my order for myself and a friend! $25 is a steal!

click here for more!

Okay so what about my ladies who love skin care, make up, well do I have a list for you! I have some friends who I have supported & love some of the products I’ve used & continue to use!! Maybe stocking stuffers or maybe a sweet thoughtful gift. Two in one deal i say haha. I support a friend & give to a friend, sister, & family.

Skin care is everything! Well thats my thought anyways. haha.  I met Jamie on a fb group & have been able to get to know her, was even privileged enough to take her maternity photos! She is a women I want to continue to support! She is partnered with a wonderful company who has some great chemical free skin care products & more! Something I love about her is the way she invests in her customers. She is so knowledgeable & honest! My personal favorite is the make up brush cleanser… that cleanser is no joke! It gets the job done  & clean no chemicals a plus in my book! haha

click here for more!

If you know me you know I will not share anything I haven’t tried myself I have sensitive skin. along with an oily t-zone and dry areas everywhere else. I usually avoid trying anything new out but this toner & cleanser are my GO To’s DAILY! the toner is soooo versatile and cleanser even my hubby loves it!

click her for toner

clicker here for cleanser

So I fell for these scentsy Years ago & continue to order. My kids even love them  & ask for them in their rooms. haha Well what are these magical make your house smell like candy secrets! Wax warmers.. but not just any wax warmers they have all different types my personal favorite … the Pineapple one & They have soo many smells its amazing! This year i got my son the smiley face warmer & my daughter the fox. Something I love about the warmers is the fact the wax does not ever get hot enough to burn them! Thank goodness! Whoever invented these had kids or was a genius haha. Now before i forget there is much more then just warmers SO MUCH! haha

Take a look yourself here

click here to check out the pineapple

I hope you found these helpful.  Support dreams & get those last minute gifts.

What were some of your last minute gifts?


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