September 21, 2016

7 Ways To Take Care of YOU as a busy mom.


Okay, I know in between the messy bun what I call the “pineapple buns,” black leggings, and a random shirt I throw on because I know it will get dirty at some point within the first 2 hours of the morning. I have found myself saying” there has to be simple ways for a mommy to care for herself”… But then again when!?!? Right? In between the busy morning getting kiddos fed, dressed (I like to joke around and say they are looking better then I do most days…Getting ready in our house takes a good hour on a GOOD day. Oh and We can’t forget the “mom she hit me,” or the pulling EvERyTHING out of the drawers to find the one shirt that I haven’t washed because he wore it yesterday.
Then only to go and dump out the basket of clean clothes I haven’t gotten to putting away. To the rushing out the door some days because we could not find the ONE SHOE SHE wanted to wear and DONT even dare ask about getting another pair of shoes because the toddler tears will come …

I call it a normal day in my busy mommy-hood life. Can you relate?

BUT this past year and half I have found that it’s just as important to do things for ourselves! I am a better wife and mom when I do. Who can agree with me? Can I be honest YOU DESERVE daily things just for YOU.

Here are 7 Simple Ways to take care of you as a busy momma.

1.) Set the timer 20 minutes before the kiddos wake up.

I started waking up before my kiddos about a year ago… It hasn’t always been easy because my daughter was waking up every 2-4 hours until about two weeks ago. And YES, 3 1/2 years of sleep deprecation happened but it does get better! I am now getting a good 8 STRAIGHT hours of sleep.

BUT that being said, getting up before the kids has been amazing. Well some days haha.

I brush my teeth & face (SO REFRESHING) and enjoy a cup of Shakeology or coffee and sometimes a cup of tea … its quite, I sit in the silence!

2.) Nourish Your Body & Drink H2O.

 I know when I eat a healthy and hearty breakfast, meals, and/or snacks in general it makes a difference. I feel and look different. My skin, my body, my energy level all help me feel ready to conquer the world… “okay, at least the morning…” haha.
Need quick easy ideas? My pinterest is full of pins I’ve saved with some great meal ideas. I love most things in 30 minutes and mornings under 10 minutes.

3.) Read a book.

Okay, I use to dislike reading SOOO much but overtime reading for 10 minutes turned into somehow finding the time or ways to navigate my time so that I could read 30 minutes each day.  Hence the 1-2 hours before the kids get up. haha. Fueling our souls, our minds with reading is empowering.

4.) Don’t do a single thing around the house.

OH MY… Did I just say that… a haha “Yes, Yes I did…” Some days we just need rest. We need to give our minds and bodies rest. There will always be things to do, but it’s amazing what taking a day’s break of household things to do. can do for us …

5.) Buy to go & enjoy your favorite meal without cooking OR use paper plates.

“YES!” I actually use paper plates at least once a week. An Unapologetic mom moment.

 It honestly so nice to not have to load the dishwasher for the 3rd time…

6.) Earlier Bed Time for kiddos.

Okay, so when all else fails for now, mornings aren’t your thing, and you want to start small… I use to be a night owl .. I started with early bed time for the kiddos yup 7:00-7:30 so that I would at least have an hour to stay up & do something for me. I know its going to tempting to clean, wash clothes, get prepared for the week but at least give yourself 10 minutes, do that enough and daily and it will get easier. I promise.

7.) Do something for you!

Doing something for you may look different for everyone. Maybe it’s doing your makeup, maybe taking 10 minutes to paint your nails… DO IT!!! Maybe it’s an extra 10 minutes on the snooze button… DO IT… YOU DESERVE IT!!!

It use to be SO hard to do little things throughout the day for myself … So I really had to start navigating a new way of creating time for myself.

That being said, I am doing a GIVEAWAY!!!!!

.I know how hard it can be to start doing little things for oneself but I also know how important it is for us as individuals.. You mommmas inspire me! Your ability to wear SO many hats give, give, and give a little more… I want to give to you!

How to Enter

Suscribe & share with  a friend. There will be Two mommy Winners!

18+ years of age.

Live in United States.

Comment below  share a funny unapologetic mom moment along with what you prefer.. reading, beauty, hair, makeup, skin care, coffee? None of the above?!?!

This is in no way sponsored nor am I affiliated with any of the brands.. The Giveaway will close October 21st, 2016.

Good Luck & Cant wait to connect!

-the unapologetic mom.


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