August 5, 2016

Family Photo Shoot on a Budget of $50


Family photos  are so important to me.Growing up we didn’t have many photos of me or my family & so often I find myself wondering  what I looked like as a child haha. I think, this is where my love photographer stems from. Photography is my hobby but lets be honest  I cant take the photos on my own…but photo shoots are also not cheap. So, I wanted to share how I have found cheap photo shoot sessions throughout the past 2 years & will share a few of the photos & quality.

How to get photos on a budget!

1. Post on your local Facebook forum in your community.

Posting on local community Facebook forums that you are searching for a someone to do a family session. I post something along the lines of “ Looking for local photographers for a family photo shoot.  I am open to college students or people who enjoy photography. Please share pictures 🙂 Thank you all so much”

2. Ask friends.

Ask friends or family! A lot of the time you may know or someone you know may be able to refer you to people they have worked with. I like to always scope out peoples websites & email for pricing if its not available.

3. Ask a Friend who does is as a hobby.

I often have people ask me to take their family, maternity photos just based of photos I have shared on Instagram and Facebook.  If you see a friend who does it as a hobby & like their style ask them.  Some of the best photographers started with it as a hobby.

Instagram: Jessicas_life_journey_

These are just a few of the unedited pictures I have captured.

(PLEASE do not copy or download any of the images without permission)






4. A College Student!

Find someone who is in college or training to be a photographer. They usually are doing photo shoots for a low cost because they are practicing and building their portfolio.  Google is a great resource! Google a local university or college find their announcement boards.

Thats is how i found the event below!

If you are in the Seattle area they are offering a FREE PHOTO DAY!! August 24th 11:00-3:00

5. If you live in Washington State.

Gabrielle Larsen took my most recent photos for $50 (1 hour & 25 edited prints).  She is booking for $50  until the end of August 2016. The price will increase  September-December to $75. Still an amazing deal!!

Instagram: Gabrielleannlarsen









6. If you are in Washington State.

My other family photos & wedding photos were captured  by Courtney. I had these done a two years ago when she first started her journey in photography so her prices have increased (rightfully so, I think). Nonetheless she is amazing & I want to credit her great work. She is an example of someone I found on a budget and has only continued to grow!!











I hope these tips were helpful and you find a photographer on a budget!! If you have any questions comment below, email, contact me I would love to help!!

I found both my photographers via Facebook! One was a friend referral, I saw her family pictures loved them and asked. Gabrielle I found in a makeup Facebook group & she happen to be in my area, so I reached out and asked!


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