August 3, 2016

DIY Tutu Under $6

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Okay, so I am a huge DIY momma. I love to save money & enjoy the process of DIY projects. Well, as long as they are easy or kiddos can be included. haha. One of my favorite projects are Tutu’s! I think they are pretty easy & save me a good $20 dollars. I finish them in 30 minutes for ages under five & about an hour for sizes six & up. Now, sometimes… well most times it takes more time IF my kiddos are having lots of “mom, mom, mom” moments haha.
Okay, so I want to share the details & step by step on what you will need & how to make your own tutu under $6 for ages 3T & under & $10 for 3T – 8 years old.
I’ve posted a sample sizing below. All kids are different so I encourage people to measure their little ones.  I buy two rolls of tulle but one roll is usually enough for kiddos 20″ or less around the waist. Kids with sizing 20.5 inches or above I encourage two rolls and you can make them extra fluffy because there is always extra. For sizes 30 inches and above use 3 rolls to be safe.
The money saver tips.
I buy almost all my art supplies from Michael’s. I hope you have a local store if not online is great. I do find the selection in color is not as great. The Link
Two ways I get deals. If you haven’t signed up for their mailing list you get 20% of your first purchase! wahoo! They let you double on coupons too!!
They have sales weekly.
I will use 40% off one item coupon with a 20% off entire purchase. I just search coupons on their page or google.
example lets say you but
2.99×2 tulle is $6.00
Elastic $4.99
I can make at least 3 tutus out of this!.
With a 20% of coupon on a total of a $11.00 and some change the total would be about $8.80 & 40% off one item lets say the tulle It would be another $1.70 off. The total would be around $7.00 and some change for two tulle & about $5.00-$.6.00 for just one tulle $ elastic. Im not the best at math but hope that helped. haha.
What you will need…
1. Tulle $2.99
I’m sure you can buy tulle at most local art stores. I  I buy mine from Michael’s. Link
Here is the link to tulle. I will say from experience in store always seems to have way more options avaliable.
2. Elastic $4.99
I will usually use my 40% off on this item.
Here is the link. It seems white is sometimes not available on line but either color works–3-yards/D008313S.html#q=3%2F4+elastic+&start=4
3. Scissors.
Any Kind work.
4. Glue gun.
Dont have a glue gun thats okay! A safety pink, or needle and thread work. I would say the needle and thread works the best. I safety pin work okay BUT I would say it can unhook and poke whoever has the tutu on.. They glue gun is the quickest for me and I find it works just find but does get extra hot. Its whatever works best for each person.
5. Measuring tape.
Don’t have one?.. A ruler or  a letter size paper works. Can you tell I haven’t always had all the items? haha. I improvise often.
Now for the fun stuff. Once you have all the items your going to use its time to start.
1.  Measure out the elastic in inches. I have posted a sizing chart above but keep in mind every kiddo is different in size. If its for your kiddo you can customize it by measuring their waist. I then add an extra 1.5 inches for gluing room. If I am use a needle and thread or safety pin I add 1/2 an extra inch.
2. Decide how long you want the tutu & cut Tulle.
Normal or pixie. Normal is usually just a little longer & pixie gives it more of a fluff effect but shorter. I choose classic for this specific tutu.
Use your measuring tape & measure the tulle to the length THEN double the length. Important!
Example  tutu with 6 inches in length cut 12 inches. I usually add an inch to be on the save side.
3. Secure The cut elastic band on a hard surface.
Okay, find a hard surface. I use the table or the floor. Tape down both ends of elastic band. Ill use weights sometimes to help secure it even more because sometimes the ends come loose.
4. The Knots.
Then take one tulle pc and tie a lark knot. Pictured below step by step. Do this over and over until you reach the end of the elastic band.
1. fold tulle in half.
2. place tulle under elastic band.
3. Hold both tulle ends & put through loop & pull up until snug but not to tight. You will notice it is to tight if the elastic band starts to bend on the edges.
4. Then pull down & adjust.
5. Do this step over & over & over until you have reached about a quarter of an inch before the end of each side of elastic.
6. Hot Glue  the ends.
IF you do not have super glue  use a safety pin to hold both ends together & if not a needle and thread. I only have the hot glue gun as an example. Its super hot so please be careful. Hold the ends together and wait about 5 minutes & then adjust the tutu to cover up the visible ends.
7. Trim the ends of the tutu to even them out!
8. Your Finished!
If you have questions please leave comments! I will answer best I can. Thank you & I hope you are having a wonderful unapologetic day!



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